About Marcus Tynes

My name is PFC. Marcus Allen Tynes I was 19 years old at the time of my death while serving my country in Zabul Province, Afghanistan for the United States Army. I was killed by a roadside bomb. I served my country for 16 months.   I joined the Army because I enjoyed the action; I was a junkie for it. The Army was not my first experience with action, while in grade school I volunteered for the Moreno Valley Police Explorers. This is a program that helps young students to not only gain a taste of what it means to be a Police Officer, but to also be active participants in their community. During my time as an Explorer, I had the opportunity to attend several ride-alongs with sworn Police Officers and I participated in several traffic safety check points and community service events. I enjoyed serving alongside my fellow teammates. My life goal was to attend college while in the Army to obtain my Criminal Justice degree and become a Police Officer then transition to S.W.A.T Officer and promote to lead Detective. It was my goal to protect the innocent and joining the Army would have given me the means as well as the drive to continue my pursuit of justice and safety for all. School was highly important and I know that education is a gateway to make all of your dreams come true. I followed my dreams and I know that you can too.

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